Thursday, 1 September 2016

Chapter 4 - Reality

Alone. Alone!!! 
The dark surrounded her. The cool wind light on her skin, the mist wetting it. She seemed clothed in a robe, her hair and head covered by a hood. 
She felt alone. She knew she was alone. For the moment at least. 
The pressure seemed to have faded away, held momentarily at bay by someone or something. 
Suddenly, a human burst into her view. Through the mist, through the wind. 
It held a spear in its hand, but she knew that it was afraid of her more than she was of it. She did not question how she knew that, accepting it as a tool for survival. 
But what she failed to see was the being behind it. 
As she moved towards the human, her hands in the air, a pair of red eyes stared back at her from the shadows. 
Mesmerizing in it's uniqueness and powerful in its hue, it seemed to talk to her. 
She saw as it gained height so that she couldn't even see where it's eyes where anymore. 
And all of a sudden, it shrinked in size. 
Brushing apart the foliage in front and the human at its feet,as if it were a mere worm, he walked up to her, It's eyes at level with hers, a low snarl forming at its lips. 
A guttural noise emanating from its throat, it's eyes filled with an expression she couldn't understand. 
A pair of wings stood attached to it's back, proud of its existence. And as she saw the being in its entirety, she understood that it was a male. And that he was nude. He seemed humanoid, with features of what seemed to be a lizard. And it dawned on her that he was probably a dragon in a human form. 
He seemed none too pleased about his nudity though. But he moved forward, a clawed finger pointed at her. 
She moved back to fall into a hole, only to understand that he had been pointing at it all this while.
While she fell down, nothing seemed to matter anymore. Several hands tried to catch her, but all they succeeded in doing were ripping her clothes off. 
And suddenly, from the relative light of above, a flying being descended. 
She extended her hand towards him, hoping that he could see and hoping that he would catch her. 
He came close to her, caught her mid fall and hoisted her up. 
Flying into the sky above, she could feel his genitals pressed against her bare skin. 
He smiled and then roared into the sky. 
The wind blowing, caressing her skin, raising goosebumps along the way. 
And in her mind, a rough voice said...'Mine'. 

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