Monday, 29 August 2016

Chapter 3 - The Stone

She, cautious and curious in equal measure, walked into the room. She could hear chants of some sort from the room. It seemed to pulse with power, electrifying the surroundings. She could feel the hairs on her arms stand up, as if to signal danger to her. 
 What she saw inside was a sight that truly baffled her. A huge room,the floor and walls covered in marble. Etched in the stone were a language she did not understand and statues of men and women. Their eyes seemed to be alive, staring her down, sizing her up. 
The ceiling resembled a stormy night covered with dark clouds, the moon peaking out from behind the shadows. Dark, yet bright.  
Inside the room at the Centre, a black stone was kept. It seemed to be a deity of some sort. Not any that she recognized though. 
Around it,in circles, men and women clothed in white were seated. A huge black dot on their forehead,their eyes rolled back into their sockets, not seeing anything, chanting a mantra,in unison, that was not known to her. They seemed to not notice her entry or the fact that she was witnessing a ritual of theirs. 
Inside one of the circles she recognized a man. He was clothed in white just like the rest. But something made her notice him. 
But what puzzled her was the fact that She had never seen him before.
His iris invisible,the black dot on his forehead pulsing, growing and decreasing in size along with the mantra. His unkempt hair,dirty from many years and his beard, lying on the ground like a gray rope. He stood up, his long beard dragging on the floor and looked in her direction and smiled,extending his hands as if to welcome her into the group.
At the same time,she felt the minds of hundreds,if not thousands of men and women pressing against her mind. Her soul felt a power surging into her body and she felt in horror as her eyes turned red.

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