Sunday, 7 August 2016


Staring at the pictures on the wall, he couldn't help but smile a little. He smiled at the picture of him and his wife, when they were pregnant with Amira.
He still remembered the day she was born. Vividly.

It started out as a normal day would, he leaving for work, visiting her at the hospital on the way to work. 

She seemed happy. Ecstatic even. She pestered him to go for work, even when he said he would take leave.

A couple of hours later, he got a call from the hospital. She had gone into labor. He took leave from work, his co workers seemed happy. His boss smiled at him, wishing him luck.

He rushed towards the hospital, taking all shortcuts he knew, trying to reach before she gave birth.
He reached in record time and waited outside the labor room. Some time later, a nurse came out and told him that it was a girl child. Her smile seemed too stiff, but he pegged that down as her being tired. 
After sometime, he was let into the room. 
He saw his wife, exhausted and happy, but something was wrong about her face. He couldn't put a name to the expression. He just knew that something was off. 

He smiled at her, happiness filling out of him like the rays of the sun. 
He took a glance at his daughter and took a step backwards, horrified. 
A huge black dot adorned her forehead. It seemed to ripple with some unknown energy, mesmerizing him. He extended his hand to touch her forehead, when his wife made a disapproving noise.
He withdrew his hand instantly, but the damage had been done.

He could see that the noise had woken her. She was stirring, her tiny hands moving, her tiny mouth opening and closing. And finally, she opened her eyes.
As a reflex, he recoiled due to fear. Her tiny eyes contained in them blood red irises.  None could have guessed her tiny, beautiful eyes could hold such horrors.

She smiled at something he couldn't see, up and above him, and dozed off again. 

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