Thursday, 1 September 2016

Chapter 5- The Block

Flying down to the ground, He set her down on the floor, ever so gentle. He took a wayward strand of hair and tucked it back into place. 
His nakedness bothered him, as did hers. She wished to be clothed, that even the robe she had on before seemed like a blessing. 
And suddenly, She was clothed. And so was he. And fashionably too, in a pair of shorts and a snug tshirt. 

He seemed amused at what she had done for him. She could hear his laugh echo through the pathways of her mind. 
'Being clothed is nothing to laugh at', She said, even as his laugh continued. 

'I am happy the way I am. But if this is how you wish to see me, so shall it be' he said, his voice breaking from the strain of not laughing. 
She turned and walked away, hoping to get out of this place and return to her world. 
'You could have said that there was a hole behind me before' she said, her voice accusing him. 
'I was under the impression that you knew' he said. 
After an awkward silence in their minds, he decided to break it. 
'You didn't ask what you wanted to know' 
She was shocked when he said that. His voice had turned serious, the mirth in his eyes long gone. 
'I do not want to know anything. I don't even know why I am here' 
He must have understood she was saying the truth, because he walked closer to her. She tried to walk backwards and allmost tripped. 'Careful' he said, letting go of her hand. And then, with his index finger, touched her forehead. 
And suddenly, she could feel another world, a world where she was standing frozen in place, her mind trying hard to stop the swarm of minds around her. 
His eyes turned sad as he seemed to understand what was happening. 
He took a step back, his eyes downcast. 
'I realize that I am just a block for you' he said,' Something to stop those people from entering your mind' 
He continued, telling her about he was surprised that she had been able to do this. 
He didn't know that she was surprised at what she had done as well. 

He told her to imagine him and walk out of the room, stabbing at anyone who dared approach her with their mind. He thought her a few things, which she seemed to grasp quickly. 

She seemed to not notice the time passing in this world. But soon, she understood it was time to leave and get back to her reality. 

As she walked away from him, what he said stuck in her mind. She hoped with all her might that she may meet him again one day. 

He seemed to have understood what she was hoping for, as he shouted 'Till we meet again', as she left his world. 
A quick glance back showed him, waving his hand at her, smiling, the horns on his head shining in the light of the rising sun. 

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