Thursday, 1 September 2016

Chapter 6 - The Mind

Waking up from her dream or what was another reality, she slowly came back to her senses. She could feel the minds of many pressing against hers, trying to find a loophole in her defenses, some way to gnaw their way into her mind. 
She thought of the naked draganoid from the other world and smiled. She remembered him, how he had been and what his voice had been like. She remembered what he had taught her and decided to use it, or rather, test it against them. 
Her red eyes seemed to throw the old man off guard. He seemed to be shocked at her eyes. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, almost as if it was what he wants to see.  
Her red eyes staring down on the men and women on the floor, they seemed to grow uneasy with each passing second. She felt the force on her mind increase and their chants increase in speed. 
Sharpening her mind to what was a pencil point, focusing only on her memory of him, she walked out. Cautiously, carefully. Walking backwards was not a skill she had mastered. She cursed herself for not playing along with Rima when she had tried to do it. 
The crowd seemed to be get agitated as her resistance continued. Their chants became frantic, their mouths foaming at the corners and spit flying out. Their eyes seemed to burn with intensity, not that she could see their irises. 
She felt a smile appear on her face, which turned to confusion when she glanced at the the old man. He seemed surprised at her resistance, which soon turned to.. Happiness? 
He seemed happy for her. 
Distracted momentarily, she suddenly felt a mind slip past into her defenses,  closing the path along the way. 

She could feel the mind. It seemed to be layered, each level hiding behind another, Its voices young and vibrant, much as that of a young man. His every thought was hidden at first, but he opened up and let go of his defenses for her to see. She was shocked at first by the depth and quantity of memories it stored. Every thought, emotion and memory he had ever felt and experienced, laid out open for her to see and use as she willed. An act of trust maybe. One of the voices started speaking and all at once,hundreds of voices filled her mind. She could only understand bits and pieces of what he(it? They?) said. 
She understood that it was the old man. His name, age, where he came from nothing she could understand. The chaos was too much. 

Then she felt his mind probing hers. She tried to pull up her defenses when she realized that he was trying to communicate something through the chaos. She felt horrified and then confused. The feeling emanating from his mind was pride. He felt pride in what she had achieved. And yet, there was a familiarity in his mind that quite didn't make sense to her. 

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