Monday, 26 September 2016

Chapter 7- The Escape

With his aid, she walked out bit by bit. 
His smiling face seemed to not take into consideration the looks of hatred the other men and women were giving him. 
Guiding her out safely, the door shut on her face with a resounding thud. He severed the connection with her mind, his mind controlled enough to not let his true self or feelings out. 

Once he was sure she couldn't hear them, In a thick, rough voice, he said,'That's enough for today'. His voice imbibed with energy, barely concealing the anger in his mind. The dot on his forehead grew larger, his irises returning to a pale green shade and then to dark brown. 
The dots on the foreheads of the crowd around him suddenly decreased in size, turning into a pin point and then vanishing. Their eyes returned to their normal colors but the crowd seemed displeased at their leaders actions. 
But their eyes betrayed the fear in their minds and one by one, the crowd around him disappeared, vanishing into smoke. 

The old man walked back to a room hidden behind the marble covered walls, covered in black except for a huge statue in marble at the center. 
It was a unique statue, it's eyes devoid of irises and a huge black dot on its forehead. It's features were rough, his face kind. His left hand was clenched into a fist, his right hand open, outstretched. His legs crossed over the throne, as if engrossed in meditation. What seemed to be an apple was placed on his right fist, not a bite taken out of it, as if offering it to his followers. 
Seated On his marble throne, he gazed down on his followers with kindness.  

The old man knelt down at the base of the throne, his tears falling into the floor. His voice filled with happiness, he said,' She has arrived, my Lord.'
He looked up at the kind face and continued,' After all this while, she has returned to our world' 

A light shone from the black dot and the statue moved. 
From the marble mouth, in a gravelly tone he said,' Take care of her. Recruit her', before returning to his immovable form.

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