Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chapter 12- Revisiting

Amira was really curious now. 

Her parents and Ajay were happy at her curiosity. While her mother went to collect a photo album, she and dad talked out about this.  

He seemed to be in no mood to talk about this without her mom present. 

So they waited in awkward silence.

Once she came back carrying what seemed to be a huge folder and an album, her dad seemed interested in talking​. 

Opening the album, her mother started pointing at different people, explaining to her that each of them held a position of power in their respective families. They all had either mastered the powers or contributed in their own way. 

And now, they all had a reason to kill her. 

She was shocked that her mother thought they would do that. 

A strange look passed through her face when Amira expressed her shock. 

'You see the mark on your dad's foot? How do you think it got there?'

'A shovel fell on dad's feet while he was working?'

'My brother's did that. They did not know who he was. Who his family was. And when they knew... everything changed. I knew... But it was too late by then.' 

Amira looked at her mother. 

'Do you wish I was never born?' 

'No! Never', her mother said. 

When Amira looked at her eyes once more, she saw the pain there. 

'I know I shouldn't... But sometimes I do. We could have saved you so much pain if we had not been idiots.'

Her mother smiled. 

'But.. then I remember what a sweetheart you are. And my thoughts vanish, as does my doubts. ' 

Amira smiled at her parents. But that's when she thought of something. 

'Who was that old man?'

'What old man?'

'The one in the building. Ajay, I mean, Maanav saw him!'

'Can you show us Maanav?' 

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