Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chapter 11 - The Rising Sun

Amira woke up with a start.

She noticed The Sun shining through the slits in the curtain. She had grown to not mind the sweat drenched clothes and bedsheets.

She sat up and noticed that the bed next to her was empty and made up neatly, as usual. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was past 11 in the morning.
And on the table sat a covered cup. The aroma rising from it told her it was coffee.

Tying back her hair, she took the cup into her hands, allowing it to warm her.

Slowly drinking the coffee, she recollected yesterdays events in her head. She had no clue who that old man was, or what he could do.
But Ajay, or Maanav as he had introduced himself had come searching for her, all the way from her dream.

'This is torture',Amira muttered.

Getting ready, Amira went downstairs, surprised to hear her parents talking with someone in the main hall.

She walked into the room and her eyes were automatically drawn to Ajay, sitting in the sofa. The blue shirt  and denim jeans he wore really complemented him and that's when she wished she was dressed a bit more nice.
But then she remembered what had happened yesterday in her dreamland with him and she blushed, her cheeks infusing with blood, turning them warm.

Ajay saw her standing at the bottom of the stairs and smiled at her, waving his hand.

Her mom noticed her standing there and asked her to have some breakfast and then come over to the main hall.

Rima was sulking in a corner, playing on her phone.

After breakfast was done, Amira walked over to the hall. A seat was open and her parents and Ajay were waiting expectantly for her.

'Sit down,  Amira' her mom said.
Her dad looked a teeny bit apprehensive and confused about something but she knocked it off as her overactive imagination.

Clearing his throat, her dad leaned forward.
'Amira, Look.'
'Yes Dad?'
'We, that is the three of us had a few discussions and have come to the conclusion that it's time to tell you what's happening around you.'

'Okay...' she seemed unsure now.

'Our families... that is your mothers and my families are part of a feuding system. Our forces are opposing and we generally cannot stand each other, without trying to kill or control the other.
But something magical happened between your mom and I... and that's how you were born.'

'Ew Dad. Stop talking about the 'magic' that happened between you both!' Amira shouted, using air-quotes to signal her sarcasm.

'That's not exactly what I meant...' her dad looked amused, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Her mom placed a hand on his thigh. 
'You're doing a bad job of explaining this my dear. Let me do this'

'So... Amira. As your father said, we are part of two feuding families. Before we had you, we had no idea about this... nor about any of the history regarding our families. Sure, we had heard stories here and there, but we did not believe in most of it.'

'I kinda did.', her dad muttered.

Her mom looked at him and then turned back to Amira. 

'But it all changed when you were born.'

Amira was curious now.

'You were born with both the Eye and the Mark. Two distinct, powerful symbols of power from two families. Two conflicting sources of energy. It is that energy that makes you so restless and reluctant to listen to authorities. Your Sister Rima on the other hand, are born without any of these marks. And as you know, she is', her mother paused, eyeing for the right word, 'compliant'.

She smiled at Amira, knowing she would hate being called a rebel of sorts.

'So we did what we could do. We dove into history, collected information from all sources. And we found out that these are generally well hidden traits in our family that is exposed for a temporary period when they are around each other. Many in the past have married and had children, with cases ranging from Happy, Fulfilling Lives to Disaster and Destructive.'

'So... what am I?'

'That is an answer you shall only find at the end of the journey, my Dear', her mom smiled, caressing Amira's face. 

'But... what does this mean for me?'

'Well, it means that you are going to have to train your powers.'
'But what are my powers?' she asked, slamming the table in front. 

It was Ajay who spoke.

'In general, you are as normal as anyone can ever be. You are not a giant or a dwarf as has been seen in a few cases. You are normal and that is pretty much good for you.'

'So.. you're saying that I am normal, but I'm not normal?'

'In a way', Ajay paused and continued, 'Yes. Your powers provide you with increased agility and mental strength. But they, similar to any part in your body, requires training. And I am sure much more powers will come to the light as we start our training.'

'So... are you going to train me?' Amira asked

'Yes... I am.' Ajay said, smiling at her, but his eyes hid something from her. 

Turning to her parents, she smiled. And then said,' I want to know my family history.'

Her parents looked at each other and smiled. They had been expecting this. Rima paid no attention to any of this, continuing her tapping.

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