Friday, 18 November 2016

Chapter 10

Amira was ,needless to say, surprised.

She went up to her room without saying anything else.
She was given dinner in her room and while she tore into it, hungry from all the walking around, she thought about what her mother had said.

It was definitely not what she expected.
And what did her mother mean when she said they believed her? Shouldn't there be some shock involved?
How could they be so calm?
In all the TV shows she had watched and the books she had read, every time someone got some powers or found out something, there was always some shock involved.

But this... it seemed to be expected. And it creeped her out.

Finishing her dinner, she took her favorite book from the shelf.

Reading Eragon had always managed to calm her down.

Lost in the book, she did not notice the time passing by. It was only when her phone beeped signalling for bedtime that she noticed the time.
She closed the book, getting up to brush her teeth.

Returning, changing into her pajamas, she slumped onto her bed.
Pulling the blanket over her head, she fell into what she hoped would be a dreamless sleep. But she knew who was waiting for her at the other end.

And slowly falling asleep, she found herself alone, on the dark, misty road. 

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